Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Intro to Photography Students:

Please have your finals proposal for next class.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Due Dates

Due Dates:

Portfolio: By Thursday Nov 17 : 3 finished sketches for t-shirt design.

Sculpture: Sculpture due Thursday Nov 17

Wed Nov 9th:
4 Street Photo
4 Any other shoot
4 long exposure 

Due Friday November 18:
All photographs should be edited. All photographs should be titled your name and the assignment. Please do not merge layers.
2 photographs with a deep depth of field with interesting light.
2 photographs with a shallow depth of field with interesting light.

(Two of the photographs should have natural light and two should have light that you construct.)

 8th Grade: Start cutting stencils

6th Grade: Finish the drawing portion of the painting

Friday, October 7, 2016

Due Dates

Portfolio Prep:
  • October 24th: Independent project
  • SUNDAY OCT 23: National Portfolio Day
  • Nov 4th: 10pc project Juniors / 4 Pc project Seniors
Intro to Sculpture:
  • Clay due for firing Oct 14th
  • Next class skeletal system, muscular system, photos from multiple angles and 2 poster prints

Intro to Photography:
  • Oct 14th: Quiz Composition
  • Oct 18th: Quiz Editing
  • Oct 18th: (All photos should be edited and titled with your name) 4 black and white photos any subject matter. (Good range of values and contrast any subject matter, saved as .psd don't merge layers)
  • Oct 18th: 1 decisive moment photo (Edited / .jpg)
  • Oct 18th: 1 masking photo (Well thought through cmposition, PUSH YOURSELF, high level of detail, saved as .psd, don't merge layers)
  • Oct 18th: 4 photos any subject matter / style
8th Grade:
  • Oct 14th: Street Art due
6th Grade :
  • Oct 21 Animal drawings due

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

8th Grade

8th grade:
·        Last day of in class work:  Monday May 16th
·        Due Friday 27th no exceptions.
·        I am available after school, during tutorial and you may take projects home
·        Due: Wed June 8th

Portfolio Prep Due Dates

Portfolio Prep
Due for end of 4th Quarter: ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE JUNE 10TH

·        Documentation: All work for the entire semester should be documented in your student folder under classes > artclasses> yourname. Make sure you have details of your work. Previous work should also be documented in this folder.
·        Elements assignment: Each student randomly drew 2-3 art elements they needed to incorporate into a project.
·        Individualized Assignments: Each student was given a slip of paper with specific instructions for a project tailored to challenge them.
·        Independent Project: This is open medium and subject matter. This should be a culmination of your learning and growth. This should exhibit both technical and conceptual skill.